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good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm kraig debro. greg clark has the day off. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, july 19th. we're continuing to follow a developing store friday san mateo county. a 62-year-old windsurfer is now
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at the hospital recovering from hypothermia after spending all night in the water. the coast guard helicopter rescued the woman near the foster city shoreline just about an hour ago. we brought you the dramatic rescue live as it happened. tara moriarty joins us live with an update. good morning, tear you are. >> reporter: -- tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. officials are breathing a sigh of relief. they are very happy this story has a happy ending. many of them were part of the search efforts. now, the 62-year-old woman was found less than half a mile from where we're stand stand -- we're standing. the coast guard spotted her out there, not far at all from where she was last seen. we watched the dramatic rescue unfold. again about, a half a mile
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away. her husband was concerned because he said his wife has cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. her health was compromised but he knows that windsurfing always makes her feel better. officials say she was smart because she did not fight the current. >> we believe she's been drifting with the tide probably all night. so when we first got a call, the tide was going out -- first got the call, the tide was going out. so it probably swept mer way towards brisbane. >> reporter: and then the tide swept mer back to foster city. now, her husband was up all night and actually forgot his own sail in the confusion of his own wife disappear egg. she did suffer hypothermia and is being treated to san francisco general hospital and her husband is on his way there to be with her. and new, police are
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investigating a homicide. police say 23-year-old jabari banfield was shot several times just before 9:00 last night in front of his home on illinois street. it's believed he was talking to somebody in a car when another car pulled up and someone started shooting. paul chambers is in east palo alto and will have another at 7:30. the investigation is underway into a suspicious overnight fire in vallejo. it caused major damage to an aban doned -- abandoned home on star avenue. clothes and other things left fueled the flames. investigators are calling this fire suspicious. one because it's in an abandoned home and two, the fire broke out in the middle of the night. the damage is estimated to be around $100,000. two brentwood toddlers are recovering after drinking an unknown liquid na made them unconscious. the liquid was in a water bottle the 2-year-old picked up
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off the street. his mother took it away but left it in a car door to throw away later. still fascinated, the boy got the bottle and they both took a sip. it's not clear what the solution was but it may have been a cleaning cleaner. the guard told a lesbian couple that they could not hold hands inside the museum and that formed a scene. the security guard works for a private company. a museum spokesman tells the paper that they've asked the company to take disciplinary action. city planners are trying to make it illegal to sleep in your car and live in your car. homeless advocates are against this saying it would only make
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a bad situation worse. the city council is expected to go ton this ordinance next week. pleasant him police officers association is rejecting the latest offer. right now, police department employees pay $55 per month for family medical coverage. the current police contract expires at the end of the month. san francisco pea muni could get a new executive director today and the top contender is the city public works chief. according to the chronicle, the board could put ed riskin involved. he has no direct experience. that's unusual. but one expert told "the chronicle" it's not necessary if there are good operations
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below him. happening now, rupert murdoch and his son names are being grilled by pairly month in -- pairliment in london about the "news of the word" phone scandal. rupe pert murdoch called today the most humbling day of his life. we're monitoring the hearing and will bring you more testimony in a live report coming up at 7:15. a multi-million dollar construction project on the peninsula is now behind schedule and the project now could cost millions more. jade hernandez is live in pacifica with more on this story story. >> reporter: we're live along highway 1 in pacifica. i -- just count road drivers hit devil's slide. we can't show you this at this hour but we can show you the road that the crews have been trying to complete it since 2007, the work that's now been
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delayed for more than a year. back in october this project was four weeks ahead of schedule. caltrans has not announced by how much. this vast project includes construction to tunnels, approaching road revisions south of the tunnels, equipment buildings and an office building. devil's slide was closed -- closed for five months in april of 2006 because of a major storm. during periods of closures, traffic is rerouted to state route 292. now, we'll have more on this project as soon as we hear back from caltrans. live in pacifica along highway 1 this morning, reporting live jade hernandez, i am going to
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toss now to sal castanedo who is in the traffic center right now. you can give us a little bit about how the commute is going. >> that's right. near where you are, jade. the highway 1 traffic is doing pretty well. it's kind of a normal commute there heading down through half moon bay. there are some other spots that are not doing so well. let's take a look at 237 where we have sop an dash stop and go traffic heading west. this morning's commute will be a little slow. out through emeryville to oakland, it will be okay. i want to show you our map of the toll plaza area. there's not a big delay. just a small delay. but it won't be a major one getting into san francisco as i sickle the area. in san francisco, at the corner of 17th and van ness, there is
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an injury crash involving a bike. the injuries are not that serious. however, there is a little bit of a slowdown because of the paramedics and the crew on the scene. >> let's go to steve. >> we do have low clouds around. i see this 127 and i was looking on twitter. we stay on the cool side. i just don't see us warming up all that much. the morning fog is there. sunny and warm. not much change. a little warmer inland. just a little bit. you get a lot of -- you know, fresno, bakersfield, stockton, they their warm up before we get warm and sacramento, they are barely warming up. weekend looks good. but temperatures staying below average t santa rosa should be 86 this time of year.
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today we're forecasting 81. it's a series of lows that continue to drop in. if you go up here, you have to go down here. one low came in, gave some rain to california t high pressure kind. by default builds in. the fog was not there yesterday. it was there today -- it their be there today. west-southwest wind at fairfield, so we still have a component of a sea breeze. we're not cool by any of the -- by any stretch of the imagination.
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a little warmer inland and then i think we'll level off and kind of hang out there for a while. putting the spot polite on gay marriage. what senator fine fine is doing to dis-- senator fine fine is do -- is doing.
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good morning. some low clouds around. there's some breaks in the clouds. temperatures, a little bit warmer. some 80s inland. 60s, 70s, closer to the coast. mostly sunny after that fog burns off. a powerful monsoon turned deadly in india over the weekend. we want to warn you, the video may be disturbing to some viewers. a family of five was having a picnic on some rocks in the middle of the river on sunday. suddenly, the river swelled. the family held on to each other for support but the water was too strong. all were swept and only two survived. rupert murdoch and his son are testifying before parliament right now. alison burns is monitoring the hearing on the phone-hacking scandal and joins us live with more on what they are saying. >> reporter: that's right. rupert murdoch insists he knew nothing and was misled by
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journalists he employeed. this is a live look. rupert murdoch an his son are facing questions about allegations that "news of the world" journalists illegally eavesdropped on thousands of people and here's how they started their testimony. >> i would just like to say one sentence, this is the most humble day of my life. i would like to say how sorry i am and how sorry we are to particularly the victims of the illegal voice mail interceptions and to their families. it's a matter of great regret. next to testify is mirror dock protege, rebekah brooks -- mirror dock -- murdoch protege,
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rebekah brooks. we're going to keep watching this hearing and have more for you throughout the hearing. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:15. the republican national committee is asking for an investigation into one of president obama's campaign videos. the video you see here was filmed in the map room of the white house. the rn says the president used a p place of government business for this, which any say is against the law. all money they say should be returned. senator dianne feinstein will discuss efforts to repeal the marriage act as a press conference today. the obama administration has already said it will no longer defend the law in court. flee gay couples will talk
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about the challenges they face in washington. it is 7:16. the house is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a republican-backed bill that would raise the nation's debt ceiling but the white house is already promising a vee 0 toe. -- a veto to duck, dodge, dismantle. it two essentially require the dismantling of medicare and medicaid. >> besides raising the debt ceiling, the republican-backed bill would add an amendment to the constitution. this would force the government to pass a bal paned budget every year. the august 2nd deadline so raise the -- raise the debt ceiling is just two weeks away. and a new poll shows the country is divided on his job
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performance. the usa today gallup poll believe the president is only looking out for his own political needs. the other 50% say the president is looking for 0 -- looking out for the nation's interest. the taliban released graphic video. what pay pierce to be the execution-style killings of 16 pakistani policemen. the video shows policemen lined up with their hands behind their back. this included a note saying policemen were can't toured during a crossroad or raid last month. authorities say the video appears to be authentic. the gunman who -- 7:1. the army will soon begin measuring the severity of injuries to soldiers when an
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explosion goes off f soldiers in afghanistan will be outfitted with sensors that can allow medics to a possible brain injury. they will wear three sensors. after an explosion goes off near a soldier? a medic will insert a device into the hole of the devices. a light will flash a color to warrant if it's strong enough. martial arts exercise has
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been banned from a south korean skyscrapers because it shakes the whole building. experts say they re-created a phenomenon that sent people running and the people in the gym on the 12th floor were practicing tae bo. a south carolina couple says something divine occurred after a trip to wall p mart. the couple of says they are religious people and when any returned from walmart the other day something strange happened to the receipt. they say the more they looked at -- they looked at the receipt, the more it look thed like the face of gee just -- the more it looked like the face of jesus. >> if it was on the floor and he got it, how could it be a face? >> the couple saw it on the way home from church and are taking
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comfort in it. it was a bungee ride to nowhere. one couple atrip to an amusement park that no one found exciting. betty white will decide whether she will accept the invitation to the ball. the reason behind her answer. good morning. southbound 101 approaching the 5 interchange. coming up we'll tell you where if doesn't look that good.
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7:23. a texas couple is safely back on the ground this morning after they were stranded on an amusement park bungee ride for more than two hours. the ride apparently locked up leaving the couple hanging. 50 feet in the air. the dallas fire department was called in and used a ladder truck to rescue them. the two appear to be fine but
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were take ton a hospital for a precaution. a new report from health grades stays between 2002 and 2009, the cesarean section rate rose from 27 to 34%. some of the reasons include convenience in fluffy time for the doctor and the mother, women giving birth later in life and health issues t florida, new jersey and texas had the highest rate. utah, wisconsin, and colorado had the lowest. a u.s. marine will not be taking betty white to the ball. white says she's flattered by the offer and loves a man in uniform but just can't go because she will be busy taping "hot in cleveland." justin timberlake is another celebrity and he accepted.
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>> do you think we'll be getting invitations? >> no, i don't think so. [ laughter ] he will be looking -- he will be -- time to go to sal. let's take a look at 4-bp, which is four bay point. it's pretty slow getting up to the willow pass grade. it's also backed up in antioch, of course. it's slow here coming over to concord. also this morning, we're looking at interstate 8 -- 880. this is a slightly different view we're looking down south so northbound is on the left there. you can see the cars coming in from san leandro. southbound is on the right heading down to hayward. not a bad commute in oakland. at the bay bridge we did have -- in fact, this is a crash, let me just talk about it 17th,
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that crash has cleared. let's move it out to the bay bridge. remember how our camera was getting moved because of construction at the bay bridge toll plaza. so we have to rely on this. right now traffic on 80 westbound is moderately heavy. a small delay at the hospital. good morning. we have low clouds and fog. it's there. we also have a component of a westerly breeze. look at that. it's overcast. even though water temperatures have come up. they were in the upper 40s, low 50s. now any are around 57, 61 degrees. we get the -- once it burns off, it won't take long to warm up. another piece of energy dropping -- dropping in.
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and therein lies just a little bit warmer of a forecast. the high-pressure system is the huge -- just huge and since 1999, it's really hot there. we stay on the cool side. even though we're warming up, some. these temperatures are getting it up a little bit above average. the search for a bay area woman comes to a tragedy. what police believe is behind this tragedy. a man in san francisco displays the aqua -- the power.
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new this morning, east palo alto police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened last night on illinois street. ktvu's paul chambers joins us live from police headquarters with new information. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. now, i spoke with the victim's grandmother just a few moments '. she told me that jabari banford just became a father
7:31 am
two days ago. we can take a look here. officers say just after 8:45 last night there was a call about shots being fired. once on scene, police officers found banford wearing this hat suffering from gunshot wounds. paramedics tried to revive him. he was pronounced dead on the scene. a person in a white car pulled up, a neighbor says, and and shot banford. if you know anything about this case, you are asked to call police. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. 7:31. activists angry over the shooting death of a 19-year-old man in san francisco's bayview district plan on protesting tonight at delores park.
7:32 am
this will be the third demonstration in recent days. stay with us here. coming up at 7:45, maureen naylor will have more on the growing tension and how police chief greg sur is responding. a windsurfer is okay after spending the night in the water after one surfing. armly we told you she was on the way to the san francisco hospital. we're now told that she's not going to the hospital at all but is instead going home with her husband. here's more. >> we believe she'd been drifting with the tide probably all night. so when we first got if the call, the tide was going out so it probably swept mer way up
7:33 am
towards brisbane. two women accused of a crime tree in emery ville are set to -- emeryville are set to appear in court today. raven stewart and lache rodriquez, police say, broke into at least five cars in emeryville last friday. investigators say stewart's baby was with the pair at the time. the women were arrested friday night when they tried to return items at a target in exchange for a gift card. a fairfield woman is out of jail this morning after charges over a fatal fire were dropped. the district attorney says involuntary manslaughter charges against latisha james were dropped as a tactical decision. but there are plans to refile charges, they stay, at a different date. the two women left the four children alone so they could charge their cell phones because there bear -- because
7:34 am
there was no electricity in the apartment. authorities found the body of a 72-year-old woman and police say they suspect she took her own life. family members say she had been struggling with depression. police have not disclosed the immediate cause of death. some vallejo convenience stores are getting a report card from a group of student the trying to keep cigarettes and alcohol day way from students -- away from students. a san leandro police narcotics detective accused of giving more nan a pound of marijuana to a confidential informant has resigned. aid cording to his attorney --
7:35 am
to his attorney, he says his client resigned because he had an inappropriate relationship and not because of the charges he is facing. he is pleading not guilty. jury selection begins today in the trial of a former santa clara police officer pauked of supplying confidential dmv information to a member of the hells angels. 36-year-old clay rojas is accused of giving the information to william betancourt, a william of the motorcycle club to settle a debt. he has pleaded not guilty. he faces several years in prison in -- in prison if convicted. in oakland there are a few spots only outside of the district where food trucks can
7:36 am
legally operate. the city council be -- began to look into new options this spring. waste management is filing a lawsuit to block a long-term contract from going to recology. no word how the relationship would end up at a -- as a result of this. tonight, the berkeley city council will consider the allocation of $36,000 in unused funds. $45,000 was made available after the it was declined by a city program. of that amount only $9,000 has been allocated. there have been some recommendations to give some money to the homeless and health services. sight seers saw more than they
7:37 am
expected a grey whale reappeared yesterday. now he's become his own tourist attraction. the last time a grey while was seen in that area was two years ago. an unexpected mishap on live tv. good morning,en. i'm hanging around with my friend, john -- and it starts right now. anybody who works in live tv you can feel for those people. a reporter at our fox affiliate was interviewing a man and if then belly flopped but he got a chance to redeem himself. let's check in with sal.
7:38 am
hopefully nothing too dramatic. >> i was in san diego over the last two days. they were playing that clip over and over again. they were having a lot of fun with that. yes. i'm back in san francisco now. traffic is -- i'm actually here at oakland for your traffic pleasure let's go out to the live pictures. 237 westbound as you cross 880, some stop and go traffic. on 237, 101 and 80 trying to get to that part of the bay, it slow traffic. not a lot of crashes. this morning we're look at interstate 88 a, a different view toward the left, you can see traffic is moving along nicely. we had some earlier problems with this stretch but now it's much better than it was.
7:39 am
across the bay bridge toll plaza there is a small delay about, five minutes. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning for those of you looking for former -- warm weather. it's slowly getting here. we have some low clouds and fog to talk about that. it will be a nice day. temperatures have come up -- come up but they are still below average. 58 to 76. fog will be peeling back to the coast. it will be sunny to mostly sunny and then i will go sunny warm, maybe a few patches of fog by the coast. but 62 to about 6, 87. one law, another one came in yesterday, brought some rain to
7:40 am
mendocino if -- some men if -- some measurable clouds. at the same time, look what -- it wasn't there yesterday. the delta breeze, sea breeze still in place. remember the direction -- that he the direction the wind is coming from. 50s and 60s. 54 santa rosa, sonoma county airport reported .25 visibility. one system moves out, another one comes in. we lose that low pressure in the task northwest, that does allow weak high pressure to
7:41 am
move in. a westerly breeze. fog, stun, cool for some, warm for others. rebound on those temperatures but still in the mid os. it is 19 minutes before:00, a surprise algae bloom is making a big mess aamong chine non's northeast coast. take a look at this. some people call it a green blanket of slime. it's not poisonous. there's so much of it,
7:42 am
bulldozers are being used to scoop it up. it was a penalty kick that had many soccer fans doing a double take. take a close look at this video. united emirates defeated the game last night against lebanon. the lebanon goalkeeper here could only watch as the ball rolled into the net. the united emirates coach was not abused -- amused with that stunt. the last horse racing track could be demolished. what would be built in its place.
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stocks opening up -- higher. builders began work on new apartment buildings and houses but the number is still low. mortgage industry employees are still signing documents they've not read and using fake signatures. that comes eight months after mortgage lenders promised to stop the illegal practices. "the associated press" reports
7:46 am
officials in three states, not including california, received thousands of documents with questionable signatures. the remaining boarders -- the remaining borders books stores could start to close this friday. the company is going to court to ask permission to start liquidizing its assess. california cities can protect workers from being fired when a new owner buys the business. the state supreme court reinstated a los angeles law that required super markets to keep employees for 90 days after the company changes owners.
7:47 am
one day after a protest about a shooting in the bay district, another group says they plan to protest today. >> reporter: the activists plan to protest tonight at delores park. this will be the third demonstration in as many days by a number of various groups. yesterday, about 150 people took part in a rally to avoid their frustrations. they feel officers overreacted and stays it affects the mistrust. and an ex-con we spoke with agreed. >> i definitely side with the fact that he just got shot in the back. >> reporter: another resident thinks some can be too quick to protect police.
7:48 am
>> we didn't -- we didn't -- not all police officers are bad. >> reporter: officers shot and killed 19-year-old kenneth harding junior from seattle on saturday afternoon. investigators say he was -- tonight's meeting starts tonight. and there will an town hall meeting tomorrow night with the chief of police and any will discuss the shooting. back to you. >> thank you. this is the final space voyage for a space shuttle from nasa. "atlantis" undocked from the international space station just before 11:30 last night our time t it left a year's worth of food and clothing at the station along with the flag flown during the first shuttle mission 30 years argue. that flag will be awarded to
7:49 am
reach the international station space -- space station. "atlantis" is scheduled to land early thursday. letters were recently sent to albany residents informing them the lawrence berkeley national laboratory is considering construction at golden gate field. if plans move forward, the facility would be demolished but horse racing would continue tat the county fairgrounds. >> we're certainly very open for something to happen there it that would benefit the lab, the property around the community. >> several public meetings are planned to talk about the lab's expansion prance. a bald eagle is alive today thanks to an oregon veterinarian. they had to perform cpr on him.
7:50 am
he was hit by a car last week and while he was in surgery, patriot stopped breathing. the vet started to give him cpr. a reported hate crimes that are targeting gays. key information hidden during the casey anthony trial.
7:51 am
7:52 am
a legal battle over an alaskan driver's license is getting national attention this morning. the american civil liberties union is suing the state on behalf of a transgender woman. alaska's dmv had refused to lift her gender -- list her gender as refail -- female unless she provided documented proof that she had undergone a
7:53 am
sex-change operation. the aclu says disclosing such constitution -- such information is unconstitutional. a report of violent acts tarting gays jumped 26% in 2010 from the previous year. the group, community united against violence, says the rise in hate crimes could be tied to the downturn in the u.s. economy. prosecutors in san francisco say the disturbing trend continued as recently as last month. they say there were four separate hate crime attacks in the days leading up to san francisco's gay pride parade. 7:53. casey anthony's whereabouts remain a closely guarded seat c
7:54 am
-- secret. but a plane that landed in san francisco is causing speculation. it is reported that she boarded a jet and stopped in prescott, arizona. the jet is owned by one of anthony's lawyers. new accusations that prosecutors withheld key information in the casey anthony case. a dom pewter -- a computer expert told "the times" there was only one search for chloroform on the family computer. the prosecution claims there were 84. now he is saying he realized he made a mistake after desee inning his -- after de -- after redesigning his software and he said he told the prosecutors about this. it took casey anthony more than a month to report her
7:55 am
daughter missing. >> we want to save lives. that's really the goal here is can we save a life and is it possible that people get that notification as soon as possible. another bill would make it a felony to fail to report a child missing after 48 hours. they plan to take up these bills after the summer break, next month. we want to check in with sal who is keeping a close eye on the east bay right now. that's right. we're looking at 880 for you. if you are driving to the oakland airport to catch a flight, 8 0 northbound which is on the left coming from hayward, you can see traffic looks good, you can see the traffic on the right looks nice. a little bit farther up or across the bay, golden gate bridge traffic, you see the fog
7:56 am
has already lifted, the traffic looks good. the fog continues to lift. i realize a lot of people at this time of year and drives on the bridge, should be completely visible for you. i see some people out there walk on the bridge. let's move along to oakland near the toll plaza. there is a little bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's about a ten-minute wait. if you are wondering when this will open, when the build something complete, we'll have a brand-new cam today up there -- cam today up there. let's go to steve. >> thank you. it will be a nice day today. temperatures coming up a little bit. there is a big fog bank up
7:57 am
there. we did got a warmup yesterday. 50s and 60s. once you get the sun if you already have it, we will start to see warming. cool for some. warm for others. 60s, 70s and mid-80s. i think about 90% will be in the low to mid-80s for the inland areas. temperatures coming up about 2, 3 degrees compared to yesterday. not much change. slightly warmer into thursday. i think we keep it there into the weekend. now the search off the coast of mexico is officially over but the friends of the missing fishermen refuse to give up hope. we've want watching it unfold for the past two hours. a dramatic rescue of a windsurfer missing for 12 hours. >> reporter: and soil movement
7:58 am
work requires reinforcement work.
7:59 am
welcome back to "mornings
8:00 am
on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm kraig debro. dave clark has the day to. it's tuesday, july 19th. friends of the missing fisherman whose boat cap sized off the coast of mexico are raising money for a private dive team. "the press democrat" is reporting that they are raising money while press the coast guard to conduct a dive. gold is a friend of one of the southern california men who disappeared in month after a fishing trip. the trip for the men was suspended. the sixth man charged in the killing of a german tourist is expected back in court today to enter a plea of the fatal shooting of the tourist near the union square almost one year ago. police -- police say the 50- year-old woman died in her husband's guns after getting caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout. the german couple was in san francisco to celebrate her
8:01 am
birthday and their wedding anniversary. investigators say kevin o'connell phoned in threatening message to barbara boxer last week. they were rambling threats an not tied to any of the democratic senators' positions. he faces three years in prison if convicted. happening right now, media mogul rupert murdoch and his son, james, are being questioned by pareliment "the news of the word" phone-hacking scandal. rupert murdoch calmed today the most humbling day of his life. james murdoch apologized for the scandal. we're monitoring this and will have more at:15 in a live report. a 63-year-old woman who was
8:02 am
home with her husband, a helicopter plucked her from the water about two hours ago fear the -- near the foster shoreline. we brought you this as it was live and now tara moriarty is live with what we've learned in the last half-hour. >> reporter: well, we've learned that kathy keaton was brought here, the guys with the coast guard were payable to put her in the shower and -- shower and get some warm water over here. and then she was taken away she apparently is going to the hospital but we are not sure she is going to. we're working on that for you right now. let's take a look at the dramatic rescue that we captured around 6:00 this morning. when the coast guard spotted the windsurfer. that's about half a mile from shore. search and rescues have been scouring the bay all night.
8:03 am
now, we're learning more details about kateen's harrowing ordeal. her husband said his wife had a mishap with her gear and floated under the bridge. then last night she came back. >> airlifted to sfo. she's alive, conscious, definitely in extreme hypothermia. she was able to survive because she had a wet suit on. now, kathy is from los altos. her husband is very concerned because he says his wife has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. her health was compromised but she says windsurfing always makes her feel better. she was brought to the coast guard air station, left here in an ambulance suffering from hypothermia we're not sure which hospital she will be taken to. we are awaiting the coast guard. they are expected to come out here and give us an update. there is a press conference as
8:04 am
well. 8:03 right now. memorial services are planned this week for the doctor killed in a crash. if the doctor was on a university shuttle bus when if collided with a big rig at oak and octavia boulevard. a viewing will be held for friends and family tonight at saint agnes catholic church. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote today on a controversial project by at&t. the company wants to bring the u-verse phone to the city. that means installing large utility boxes on streets all overren -- all over town. the environmental protection agency says an environmental report must be done first before the boxes are done. >> in is he roo i will -- this
8:05 am
is riley about making more money for at&t it. >> at&t wants to install up to 722 boxes to improve their landslide service. the company already has a thousand boxes throughout the city. work is undertwaed on a -- on a hiking trail to bypass the home of james hetfield. the new path stems from a 2008 dispute in know the rocker put up this metal fence on the frail saying trawl users were damaging his property. the new trail costs more than $650,000. a major bay area construction project is now more than a year behind schedule. jade hernandez is live in pacifica with details on the delay at devil's slide. >> reporter: good morning t what do residents in and around
8:06 am
this area think about the devil side project delay? we found out in a very unscientific poll. >> it doesn't matter to me. i kind of partnership if the -- i kind. prefer the highway 101 drive. >> i would rather get it done. navy been going huck killly- buck and all of a sudden -- yeah, i don't get it. >> reporter: the commute has picked up in the last 30 minutes or so. caltrans has been working on remedying this problem. but work has been delayed because of soil movement requiring reinforcement work. what a difference a few months makes back in october. now that the $315 million project has been delayed a year
8:07 am
and is expected to cost more money. this is a -- this is a vast project. devil's slide was closed for five months back in april of 2006 after a storm and back in january of 2008. we've called caltrains this morning to get an update on delays. we have still yet to hear back from them. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:07. a sinkhole has swallowed one of two historic railroad signs in richmond. in was caused by a pipe that burst last saturday. so-called wig wag railroad sign didn't operate anyanother. the sign was damaged. it's not clear if it will be
8:08 am
put back up once the damage is repaired. >> i like the name wig wham. [ laughter ] let's it check in with sal. san rafael, stop-and-go traffic here. this is heading down to the -- where if does move along pretty well. this morning's commute is gonna be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. if as i -- as i circle the toll plaza, once you get on the bridge it does get okay. if you are driving on the peninsula, southbound 101 traffic looks a little bit slow from burlingame and san mateo. san mateo bridge traffic going to be moderately heavy getting across the span. let's go to steve. >> well, we do have some sun out there. a pretty good fog basically regrouped. came back in, came charging in.
8:09 am
we've been 10, 15 degrees below average, not so much for the areas below the coast. another unseasonably strong low. there's signs early next week of another coming in closer to us. which would keep us closer -- cooler. the high pressure in the middle of the country is large and in charge. it's been working out and drinking its power shakes is hot. it's not moving back because we lose these little low-pressure system and -- and then eject out. there was some rain for some up in northern california, incredibly. this system has also produced
8:10 am
some tag -- some fog. >> a little bit warmer. a westerly breeze. temperatures starting to rebound. 80s for some. 80s for many. low stonied. walnut creek alamo la fayette. san leandro, hayward, mid-80s for santa clara valley and 60s, 70s and low 80s.
8:11 am
people across the midwest and the east coast are gonna be cranking up their air conditioning today. heat warnings and advisories have about issued it's been so hot, that some fire alarms have gone off. the nfl four-month lockout may finally be soon be over. today, lawyers for the nfl players and owners are scheduled to meet again with a federal mediator in new york city. the two sides reportedly made real progress on the bargaining table. a deal could be april nounsed in the next 24 hours. 8/11. a proposal in a decision that involves teenagers in one bay area county. and the reason why california bouncers will soon be leaving the bars and heading
8:12 am
back to school. the battle against fixing moves to a whole new -- against texting moves to another level.
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning. we have low clouds, plenty of around. there are some breaks in the clouds. 60s 7 oh, coast and bay. low to mid-80s inland. happening in new york city fright now, a press conference underway, new york mayor michael bloomberg. he's talking about same-sex
8:15 am
marriages. both houses of the legislature are voting to approve that. and the governor is signing the bill. they are supposed to start on the sunday. but mayor bloomberg is explaining right now that the demand is so great. they are not sure they are gonna be able to handle all of this demand. again they are taking place. a lot of people say the industry will be worth about $311 million a year. and mayor bloomberg it explains they won't be handle -- won't be able to handle demand. rupert murdoch is talking about whether the hacking scandal in london extended to the united states. we go now to alison burns in our washington, d.c. bureau who has been monitoring murdoch's highly anticipated testimony before parliament in london. >> that's right. we've been monitoring the hearing for more than four hours. the bottom line from -- the --
8:16 am
this is a live look inside the hearing room of a select committee of parliament where murdoch and his son have been testifying for more than an hour and a half. they are facing questions about what any knew about the hacking by "news of the world" reporters who paid off hacking victims and whether it extended to the u.s. the fbi is investigating whether the family members of 911 victims were targeted. >> we've seen no evidence of that at all. as far as we know, the fbi -- [ inaudible ] >> i cannot believe this happened to anyone in america. >> reporter: murdoch's "top of the world news" closed. top officials have resigned and at least ten people have been arrested in the scandal. one member of parliament this
8:17 am
morning accused of murdochs of willful blindness. dale -- alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. in libya, nato bombs continued to drop on forces to moammar gadhafi. talks were held in tunisia on saturday for hours. 58,000 iraqi ref few jeez now face background checks. the government said the group could include terrorists. al qaeda leaders tried to take advantage of immigration loopholes. at least one has already been found in kentucky. the fbi says an iraqi man tried
8:18 am
to send explosives. two friends have pleaded no contest to lobry -- to robbery charges after the shooting death of their friend. investigators say a drug dealer shot and killed taylor, junior outside of the emeryville ikea in june of 2010. he played basketball pat the university of basketball. the shooting happened when the two friends tried to rob another drug dealer on the oakland side of the parking lot. prosecutors later dropped the murder charge as part of a plea bargain. bouncers across california have to go back to school. california is the first state in the country to require them to require -- that requires a certification. this shows the state mandated
8:19 am
course. they could lose a house if they own it, they could lose their car. >> if anybody could stop the hothead, think about what you are doing, that might help out. >> night guard security say bouncer are ten times more likely than police officers to get attacked. the discussion about cell phone use was prompted by residents who fear that cell phone use might be linked to damaging the brain. the guidelines would suggest to limit use and put distance between a person's body and the phone when possible. people who walk and text do face a fine in philadelphia. the city has made it illegal to text while walking without looking head -- while walking without looking ahead. as part of a new program called give respect, get respect. which was launched in the spring and targets people
8:20 am
traveling in cars, bicycle and by foot. the county is going to close its juvenile courtroom and move the hearings to the civic center. the court recently opposed the -- opposed the plan. many defense lawyers complain many suspects would be put in a barbaric cage. the public utilities commission is shining huge light bulbs through pipes filled with pristine hetch hetchdy water. hetch hetchy water. this is the largest uv treatment plant in california and the third largest in north america. 8:20. a possible breakthrough in
8:21 am
highway protections, the one car company that could cash in. a southern california store own ter got some help that was un-- owner got some help that was unexpected.
8:22 am
8:23 am
a small dog in southern california is credited with chasing away two robbers at his
8:24 am
owner's store. the robber -- robbery happened about two weeks ago. in the surveillance video you can see two men demanding money at the smoke shop. the storeowner started to put money in the men's backpack but paw cau the chihuahua came in and chased the men out of the store. new kind of crash it system can help. an industry -- an insurance industry group looked at the 2010 volvo equipped with the system called city safe. the report says the volvo was involved in 20% fewer crashes. those accident the also had 51% fewer injury claims. pretty cool. let's check in with sal.
8:25 am
hi, sal. >> hi,er tory. we have another accident -- hi, tori. we have another accident. this time on goff, south of geary on that street heading down the hill. the paramedics and the police are there, it's causing traffic issues on goff south of geary. let's go out and take a look at a live picture, some slowing here in oakland and san leandro it as you head south, it does slow down. first we're gonna go to the walnut creek concord area, very slow traffic coming down from highway 242 hall the -- all the way down to alamo. i mentioned the nimitz freeway just a little bit ago. then -- that was a mistake. we just went back to san francisco. now at 8:25, also go to steve. we do have low clouds around. rather impressive that they came marching back in.
8:26 am
there was hardly anything on the coast. temperature the warm under. there was a pretty good fog bank there. once it burns off, it will be stuncy -- sunny and warm. everything on the west coast is under a cooler pattern. all of the heat is in the mid -- is in the middle of the country. west 14 at sfo, that's too much of a sea breeze. inland temperatures even though we're in the 50s and 60s. they will be slightly below average. incredibly, one of our forecasts drops a strong slow on us. next tuesday we'll see if that comes to fruition. but it wouldn't surprise me. so light warming after that fog burns off. 60s 70s, coast and bay. slightly warmer to about thursday and then i think that's it. i think we'll stay there as we head into the weekend. it will still be nice. temperatures while any are coming up a little bit. they are not getting into the hot category. 60s, 70s and some low to mid
8:27 am
os. not much change. slightly warmer through the inland areas. after that i think the whole thing is in check. an overnight fire at a vacant home in vallejo. the three reasons investigators say this is suspicious. and a 23-year-old man was shot and killed on the streets of east palo alto. now police need your help finding his killer
8:28 am
8:29 am
east palo alto police are investigating a deadly shooting. it hanked last night on illinois street. paul chambers joins us live from police headquarters with
8:30 am
an update on the investigation. good morning again, paul. >> good morning again, kraig. we're live at the east palo alto police department. we're trying to get more information about the -- about the incident. the man did become a father two days ago. police say last night, they responded to a call on illinois street of shots being fired. once on scene officers found the man suffering from upper gunshots to his up -- to his body. paramedics tried to revive him at the scene. he was standing outside a car before that, when a person in a white vehicle drove up behind him. that person got out of the car and shot him. that person got back in the car and took off. the neighbor said the shooting happened in an area where there's high drug activity. i want to make it clear that police do not -- did not
8:31 am
confirm that. if you know anything about it, you are encouraged to give them a call. we'll bring you the latest on this coming up at noon. back to you. >> thank you, paul. 8:30. activists angry over the shooting death of a 19-year-old man in san francisco's bayview district, plan on protesting tonight at delores park. this will be the third demonstration in recent days. stay with us on "mornings on "mornings on 2" because coming up at 8:45, ktvu's maureen naylor will have more on the growing tension and how police chief greg sur is responding. the investigation is underway into a suspicious overnight fire in vallejo t caused major damage to an abandoned home on star avenue. old clothes and other items left in the home fueled the flames. investigators are calling the fire suspicious for three main reasons. it is an pay ban donned home -- it is an abandoned home, a squatter is living there and a
8:32 am
fire broke out in the middle of the night. two brentwood toddlers are recovering after drinking a liquid that made them unconscious. a 2-year-old picked up a bottle in the street. his brother took 2 away from him but left it in the car with the intention to throw it away. she didn't and the boy was still fascinated with it. they drank it. it's not clear what he drink but neighbors say it may be a it cleaning solution. "the chronic kell" is reporting -- is recording that a security guard told it a less we yin couple of that they could not hold hasn'ts at the museum -- lesbian couple that they could not hold hands at the museum. leaders in palo alto are considering a man that would make it illegal for people to
8:33 am
live in cars. if passed, people living in their car could be fined as much as $1,000 and face six months in jail. the ordinance would be enforced. advocates -- the city council is expected to vote on the ordinance next month. the pleasant hill police officers association is rejecting the city's latest contract offer. the association says the offer called for employees to pay 10% of their healthcare premium and 4% of their retirement contribution. right now police department employees pay $55 per month. the current police contract expires at the end of the month. silicon valley employers expect a 15% jump in technology jobs during the next two years. according to a report released in the morning. the paper also says it's -- it
8:34 am
adds most mid-level jobs are being eliminated or sent out of the country. cisco systems won't know until next month how many bay area workers will be hit. the networking giant says 15% of the job cuts will come from upper management. workers who -- workers who are -- who say they could lose their jobs say one of the things they miss is the sense of everyone looking out for each other. >> my boss said anybody who was affected in our group he would find them a job outside of the company if that happens. >> cisco has been a leader in networking hardware but recently it's faced competition. now the company plans to cut $1 million in expenses. a judge's ruling rueing giving custody of a 3-year-old girl
8:35 am
over the grandmother's objections is creating controversy. the mother died a month after she was born. at the time she was married to cole man, a man named coleman. he was married to the mother at the time she was born. that was the basis of the decision. a quiet school in sacramento is closed down after accusations of child molestations several students have come forward. the school's principal is the focus of the investigation but he's not been arrested. some of these date back at least 15 years. the school serves about 180 students up to 6th grade. some vallejo convenience stores are getting a report card from a group of students who were trying to keep cigarettes and alcohol away
8:36 am
from kids. 16 volunteers have been visiting stores this summer to see if liquor and cigarettes are placed too closely with minors. jayston fredrickson's resignation was effective last friday. the attorney said he resigned because he had an inappropriate relationship with an informant and not because of the drug chanks he was facing. he has pleaded not guilty to trans-- charges he was facing. he was pleaded not guilty to transporting drugs and drugs for sale. tonight, the berkeley city council is going to consider the allocation of thousands of dollars in unused funds. $45,000 is made available after it was declined by a city
8:37 am
program. of that amount only 9,000 has already been allocated. there have already been recommendations to give the money to homeless and health services. san francisco's muni could get a new executive director. the top contender is the city's public work cheap. they could put ricin in charge. one expert told "the chronicle" transit directors spend most of their time dealing with environment issues. it's 8:37. weep want to check in again with sal keeping a close eye on the commute. -- we want to check in again with sal. keeping a close eye on the commute. how are things? >> they are crowded. we have a cam you ra -- we we have a camera from emeryville.
8:38 am
you can see traffic is stacked up pretty well here backed up to the 880 overcrossing. not too bad. it's a nice view from the camera. let's take a look at 237, some stop-and-go traffic here, of course, getting into the valley. 80 is slow, 1 -- 88 is slow, 101 is slow. if you are driving in san jose, getting up to -- again as i mentionedded, getting in the valley, slow traffic waiting for you. public transportation systems are checking in on time. let's go to steve t mostly cloudy, partly sunny. a beautiful shot. for those of you with your big tvs, you can see the blue skies. temperatures trying to recover to seasonal average. it looks like we'll be near average today to slightly below inland. too much in the tway of low clouds and fog, even though it burns off, heads back to the
8:39 am
coast. there's a definite knit -- definite sea breeze. nothing howling or anything. temperatures will come up a little bit. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. sonoma county airport did report a quarter-mile visibility. not only low clouds. 63 mountain view and also san jose. we will get the sunshine and slightly warmer weather. it's not only from seattle. it's all the way down to southern california. we stay cool. slight warming. justify the mere fact that that cool pool kicked out of here. that allows some building of high pressure to come in but not a lock. fog, sun, cool for some. a little bit warmer inland, that westerly breeze kind of keeps things in check. mid-80s on the checks t i always double check.
8:40 am
70s and 80s from alameda to brentwood '87. 1 san jose. 87 gilroy. 82 saratoga. cupertino. 80 woodside, portola valley. a lot of upper 70s, mountain view, 72 san bruno. 60s plainly in the city. there could be a low 70s. follow, sun, warm and into thursday. after that, i don't see much warping, we'll just keep it -- fog, sun, warm and into thursday. after that, i don't see much warming after that. a delayed decision about whether to allow a minor league baseball team to move into town. they want to establish a pro team that would play at the ballpark field in albert park. the league wants to upgrade the field with twice as many feets -- seats as well as lockers, bathrooms, snack bars. oakers want to build on the small town feeling of san
8:41 am
rafael. opponents are worry -- on pope -- opponents are worried -- >> we know have two attorneys because we were forced -- he we were backed into a corner because no one would listen. >> it could use a little help. >> the council will get more feedback into the not community and will make a decision by the middle of august. if the team is approved, san rafael to be the second bay area city it a minor league team. san jose has the little giant. the proposed team would join ten others -- the only remember team -- team in the league is the chico outlaws. a bizarre discovery in britain. the third nipple that could create a painful walk. it's really delicious, mom.
8:42 am
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[ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. a nice bounceback after the sell yesterday about the debt ceiling and deficit problems in europe. the dow is up triple digits thanks to some good earning
8:45 am
reports and encouraging housing data coming up. the nasdaq is up 104. the city's film commission expanded its vendor discount program for film prodictions in the city. the production companies -- production companies will receive production, post protection and audio -- post production and audio services. let's get you up to date on some of the top stories we're following. investigators are looking into a suspicious fire on star avenue. old clothes and other items fueled the flames. media mogul rupert murdoch and his son are testifying.
8:46 am
rebechaw brooks is expected to testify. we have new information on the windsurfer rescue we've been following all morning. tara moriarty joins us live with the man who pulled the woman from the water and pulled her to safety. >> reporter: s that right. he's the one you see in the video getting into the -- that's right. he's the one you see in the video getting into -- putting kathy in the basket and hoisting her back up. two. >> it was a team effort. >> reporter: walk me through exactly what happened. you are standing -- well, actually we have video we're gonna show. we'll talk about kathy kateen for a woman there. she's a 62-year-old windsurfer. she left the shoreline around 5:00 and her husband couldn't find her. she went out of his view. all night long the coast guard
8:47 am
was out at various fire didn'ts and finally the coast guard spotted her at 6:00 this morning, just north of the san mateo bridge, really close to where she had actually gone missing. it was really quite ironic. she spent 13 -- she spent 13 hours in the water. what kind of shapes with she in? -- shape was she in? >> truly amazing story she was able to survive that long. >> in is the actual helicopter used? >> yes. i was sitting right here. i went into the water assessed the situation and retrieved the surviver and she comes up in the basket and i follow up right behind here. >> reporter: so you dropped down -- and let her get in.
8:48 am
>> yes. >> reporter: well, thank you appreciate it. the coast guard has come out with a video. we'll have that for you coming up on the news at noon. live from sfo, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:47. san francisco's police chief will take part in a town hall meeting tomorrow to discuss questions following a deadly- officer involved shooting over the weekend. maureen naylor is live with more. >> tori, demonstrators plan to -- plan to protest at delores park. they feel officers overreacted and it reflects a mistrust of police in the bay area's black community. >> this has been like hereditary from when my grandfather and father was a little boy being harassed
8:49 am
because of the color of my skin. >> reporter: but another resident who didn't want to be identified said some can be quick too judge. >> not all officers are bad. >> reporter: officers shot and killed kenneth harding junior. the parolee, they say, was armed with a handgun and fired at officers. they fired back, more tally wounding him -- mortally wounding him. tonight's protest -- protest starts at 5:00 between 18th and 20th street. this comes ahead of a town hall meeting at:00 with the police chief. that will be at the it bayview opera house to discuss the shooting. back to you. new this morning, the nuclear regular that roarly commission is meeting at -- regulatory commission is
8:50 am
meeting at this hour. this is in the take of japan pea fukushima disaster. the -- wake of the japanese fukushima disaster. it was recommended that all plants have enough backup capacity to survive a minimum of eight hours without power. japan has banned all beef shipments from there. the cattle ate straw from the fukushima reflectshy -- prefect sure. right now, the typhoon is on a track that will take it away from the country's crip. ed fukushima nuclear power plant. the house is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a republican- backed bill that two raise the
8:51 am
nation's debt ceiling but the white house is already promising a tree toe. >> this would require the dismantlement of our social safety net, social security, medicare, and medicaid. >> besides raising the debt ceil, the bill would add an amendment to pass a resolution that two force a ballot to be passed every year. the deadline for passion that is now two weeks away. the "usa today" gallup poll finds 56% believe the president is only looking out after his needs. the others say he's looking out for the nation's interest. the republican national committee is asking for an investigation into one of mom's campaign videos. the video you see here whose filmed in the map room of the
8:52 am
white house. the rnc says the president used a place of official business to elicit -- to elicit if feedback. senator diane fine fine will discuss efforts to repeal the defensive marriage act today. this defines marriage as between a man and a woman. the obama administration has already said it will no longer defend the law in court. doctors in britain have made an unusual discovery. it could make it difficult for one woman to wear shoes this. is is a foot it a third nipple. doctors found it -- this is a foot it a third nipple.
8:53 am
doctors found it and some people are thought to have a third nipple. usually they are found above the waist. staking a stand. michael vick will be on capitol hill to talk about dog fighting. and what basketball star yao ming is expected to reveal about his future plans -- plans. the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
8:54 am
8:55 am
it is 8:5579 michael vick will be on capitol hill today
8:56 am
to support an anti dog fighting bill. the philadelphia eagles quarterback will be joined by the head of the u.s. humane society to speak in favor of the legislation. the bill would strengthen penalties against people who finance dog fights. vick served 20 months in prison for bankrolling a dog fighting operation in virginia. yao ming may make an official announcement tomorrow about his retirement. rumors have been circulating for weeks he will retire and there's word that a huge event is planned for yao ming in his hometown. the houston rocket center has missed 258 games -- 250 games because of his injury. is. his contract ex-- his contract expired after last season. the rockets said they were interested in re-signing him if he came back healthy. today's ticket 2s-day winner will win two general admission weekend passes july 29th through the 231st at
8:57 am
infineon raceway. the winner will take home two- day thunder ally weekend passes. if you want to enter, go to and put in the secret word. one more time, sal castanedo. we do have a new crash on westbound -- westbound dumbarton bridge. this one just came in on thornton avenue blocking two lanes. let's go to 880. i want to check it out. northbound and southbound. north on the left. south on the right and on the golden gate bridge traffic looks good. it looks like the fog is beginning to lift. we do have low clouds. inland temperatures will be in the warm category. low to mid 8 -- 80s there is. a little warmer into thursday and i -- i think that's it.
8:58 am
>> really? >> heat index, 130 back in iowa. >> pretty dangerous there. we have breaking news. there's been a dramatic development in the murdoch hearing we've been telling you about. apparently it's been suspended base some kind of scuffle has broken out. not exactly sure who is involved in that. but rupert murdoch and his son, james, have been testifying about the phone-sacking andle -- scandal. we'll continue to follow up on this and we'll have another on our website and, of course, on the news at noon. thanks for watching, everybody.
8:59 am
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